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State of Sales Enablement

State of Sales Enablement

Sales enablement programs and applications have been thrust into the spotlight as companies pursue innovative wyas to boost win rates, adapt to new buyer behaviors, co-create value with customers, and generate top-line growth.

PROLIFIQ survey 254 Salesforce users to learn what’s going on inside their companies in regards to sales enablement.

As you can see, digital content management for sales, account planning and management, and sales onboarding are the top solution needs.

State of Sales Enablement Report 2019: Driving Sales Performance at Lightning Speed

The business landscape is more competitive than ever. But there are ways to get ahead with latest in sales enablement. How are other companies keeping up with the trends? 

Read the 2019 report to find out.

A Deeper Look at Sales Enablement Satisfaction

The area that received the highest customer satisfaction score was ‘improves collaboration between sales and marketing.’ 

State of Sales Enablement 2019 

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Digital Content: Highly Valued

A majority of respondents indicated they agree that digital content is valuable for creating, advancing and closing pipeline. 

State of Sales Enablement Infographics

State of Sales Enablement 2019 Infographic

Get straight to the facts with the top insights from our 2019 Sales Enablement Report.

    State of Salesforce Adoption 2019 Infographic

    Driving adoption can be tough. See how you compare to other companies.

      State of Account-Based Selling 2019 Infographic

      Aligning sales and marketing tactics may be old news, but there are still gaps to close.

        Sales Enablement Metrics Matter

        Professionals are nearly split in measuring return on investment for sales enablement programs.


        State of Sales Enablement Key Takeaways

         Confidence in Sales Enablement Programs: Generally High. Teamwork is the watchword. Professionals were particularly satisfied that sales enablement programs increased collaboration between sales and marketing. When sales and marketing align, organizations are more transparent and productive, duplicated efforts are reduced, and win rates increase.

         Shortcomings: The Missing Metrics for Sales Enablement Programs. Measuring ROI for sales enablement wasn’t a widespread practice among survey respondents: Nearly half the companies had not set metrics for ROI. Moreover, almost 6 out of 10 professionals perceived that ROI for sales enablement was adequate, but could be improved. The old adage applies here, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

         Digital Content and Easier Access, Please. Professionals agreed that digital content is a vital tool; it helps the buyer — and sales representative — advance through the sales process. This is especially true in today’s market because corporate buyers now have a wealth of available information that puts even more power in their hands. Yet findings revealed that some survey respondents weren’t easily able to locate and use content when they needed it.

         Salesforce Power Users. The largest companies (5,000+ employees) reported the highest use and adoption of Salesforce — more than the smallest and mid-sized companies. Industry giants likely have applied more resources to implement, customize, and integrate Salesforce into their organizations. Still, smaller companies can step up their game by developing strategies and investing in tools to speed adoption: advisory teams of power users, system champions, and corporate leaders can bring about change; easy to use add-on tools enable them to compete with larger players.

         Wanted: Product Knowledge. Professionals who reported low or mixed use of Salesforce in their organizations primarily attributed this to lack of knowledge of product features. A secondary reason they cited was lack of add-on tools that aid adoption. Sales leaders must put some muscle behind training efforts and the user experience. Native add-on tools, lunch and learn sessions, coaching, and ongoing support increase the likelihood of adoption and use.

         Organizations Get Smart about Analytics. “Gut feelings” in sales aren’t going away anytime soon, but companies recognize the importance of quantitative data: Sales analytics was the Salesforce enablement solution most widely used by a considerable majority of respondents. Inarguably, reliable, current sales analysis gives companies a strategic business advantage in decision making, prospecting, and account planning.

         What’s in Store for Sales Enablement Solutions for Salesforce? In: Digital content management and account planning and management solutions head the corporate agenda for implementation in the next 12 months. Out: Most companies noted they had no plans for sales coaching or training to complement their Salesforce platform. Coaching and training are flashpoints, because professionals in companies with low or mixed use of Salesforce reported

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