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The most advanced mobile engagement and CRM solution yet

Prolifiq's mobile-first software delivers three essential solutions for innovative life sciences companies.

720 View

720 View

Assess with Clarity

Arms your customer-facing employees with a 360 view of the provider's scenario
as well as a 360 view of
their own team for a comprehensive understanding
—a 720 view—of each account.

Key Tools: Activity Stream,
Alerts, Team View, Contacts
View, Master Calendar

Dynamic Planning

Dynamic Planning

Anticipate Opportunity

Enables coordination and adaptable planning among team members so that they can quickly identify and seize opportunities for growth.

Key Tools: Call Planning,
Account Planning

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You understand relationships are valuable in business—that's why you purchased a CRM system in the first place. But chances are your current system not only fails to serve your relationships, it undercuts them. For a customer relationship management system—a system with “relationship” in the name—we think that's pretty ironic.

We also know it's unnecessary. Here's a look at three ways Prolifiq solves critical barriers to engagement, or what we call relationship gaps.

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Issue: Account teams lack access to actionable knowledge. The information, content, and data might be in your system(s), but determining what is most relevant to a specific account or situation is next to impossible without context; and sharing excessive or bad information can impair your sales efforts. Reps either disengage providers or default to one-way conversations, neither of which are healthy for your relationships.

Solution: Prolifiq's Contextual™ analytics arms reps with a comprehensive 720 view of everything they need, so your team gets knowledge they can use. With this insight, account teams not only understand—they anticipate—which treatments fit patient needs and can quickly present the information so providers can make the best decisions.

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Issue: Traditional systems fail to support internal collaboration, and the large size of most account teams makes it difficult for employees to know who to contact for things like product information, reimbursement data, and medical questions. This leads to disjointed experiences for providers and wreaks havoc on your customer relationships.

Solution: Prolifiq enables effective collaboration with Unified Coordination™ technology, which shows how internal team members are organized around specific customer accounts. With visibility into who is doing what and how they fit into the big picture, your team moves in lockstep to deliver a seamless, quality service experience.

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Issue: Account teams understand timeliness is key to engagement, but their ability to engage with providers in meaningful ways is too often hindered by compliance or cumbersome systems that leave no way to measure which engagement methods led to real results. When engagement involves the transfer of knowledge, the impact of the resulting delay is not just disrespectful for providers—it carries a critical impact for patients, too.

Solution: Prolifiq gives account reps all they need on one seamless mobile application that bridges engagement and actions. With immediate access, teams can leverage recommended actions and automatically filtered data specific to their accounts to better engage providers with relevant, timely outreach that drives superior outcomes.

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