Key Account Management that Crushes the Competition

PROLIFIQ CRUSH leverages your investment in Salesforce and coordinates personalized sales efforts to win more business, faster and with greater customer satisfaction.

Native in Salesforce

Create, manage, and execute plans that align with your unique sales process without leaving Salesforce.

Stakeholder Hierarchy

Visualize stakeholder hierarchy and influence within an account plan to understand who will help close deals.

Task Management

Create key dates and tasks specific to account plan objectives so the entire team is aligned and contributing.

Whitespace Reports

Analyze the white space in an account to identify and prioritize the best opportunities for growth.

Account Planning Done Right

Is your team still handling key account management and planning outside Salesforce? Watch this webinar to see how to combine account planning best practices with Salesforce to uncover and win more opportunities within your strategic accounts.

A Great Solution to Easy Account Planning

“I have nothing but great things to say about the CRUSH tool and the PROLIFIQ team! After spending lots of time looking for an Account Planning tool that was highly customizable and would be easy for our Sales Team to adopt, we came across CRUSH! I have only received positive feedback from our team and PROLIFIQ has been there every step of the way to help us with all of our specifications! I am excited to continue working with the PROLIFIQ team and to see the long-term impact CRUSH will have on how we do business!”

Supercharge Salesforce with PROLIFIQ INSIDE

PROLIFIQ puts the power of account planning inside Salesforce where it belongs.

CRUSH brings account planning into Salesforce so your teams can focus on finding whitespace and growing strong relationships with decision makers. CRUSH is so easy to use, your sales team will be saying “bring it on” to your competitors.

Key Account Management Should Complement Not Compete with Salesforce

PROLIFIQ CRUSH powers your Account-Based Selling initiative with important capabilities, all native in Salesforce:

  • Stay ahead of your competitors with SWOT Analysis. Quickly visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, while ensuring they can be seen by all account team members.

  • Keep the sales and marketing teams accountable with Team Tasks. Document objectives and key dates for team members to ensure everyone is working together to win more business.

  • Identify Key Stakeholders. Capture valuable key influencer information in stakeholder maps and document their levels of interest and support.

  • Uncover hidden opportunities in Account White Space. Analyze the white space in accounts to identify and prioritize the best opportunities.

  • Leverage your Salesforce CRM investments in training, administration and data.  Just snap it in and keep selling.

Key Account Management Resources

Essential Guide to Key Account Management

Disruptive leaders are using strategic account planning to drive sales results. Learn how to leverage the full value of your Salesforce investment with native apps. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Critical capabilities to elevate your sales team to the next level.
  • Benefits of a native Salesforce design.
  • Key drivers to boost sales performance.

Sales Playbook Template

Our Sales Playbook helps you create the perfect gameplan. In this exclusive guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Rev your team-based selling initiatives.
  • Power your key account management programs.
  • Synchronize goals and processes with native account planning technology.