Digital Content Management that Aces the Customer Experience

PROLIFIQ ACE is a native Salesforce digital content management app that leverages your investment in Salesforce and enables sales teams to become trusted customer advisers with great content that embraces the buyer’s journey.

Native in Salesforce

Enable reps to deliver digital content that embraces the buyer’s journey, all in Salesforce.

ACE Content

Keep your sales and marketing content current with the multi-file drag and drop capability.

ACE Content Adviser

Harness the power of Salesforce and your unique criteria to deliver smart content recommendations.

ACE Playlists

Create visual Playlists that enable reps with the sales content they need to educate buyers at any stage.

ACE Analytics

Track every content interaction and gain real-time insights so sales and marketing get the data they need to make smarter investments.

Digital Content Management for Sales

ACE gets engaging Content Playlists into the hands of your sales teams so they’re always ready to engage with buyers. Upload content to Salesforce with a few clicks, share playlists with team members or prospects, and track interactions to gain real-time insights.

Intuitive and Great to Use

“ACE is a great tool to support content management for sales teams! It is intuitive to set up and easy to use – the playlist concept is simple yet powerful.

If you are a sales leader looking to reduce the amount of time your team spends hunting for content – you should definitely check out this tool. Likewise – if you are a marketing or sales ops team member that is looking to drive more impact or bring all your content into Salesforce – this is a great platform to have a look at.

We have been very satisfied and would recommend it to others.”

Supercharge Salesforce with PROLIFIQ INSIDE

Salesforce customers choose PROLIFIQ to solve their greatest sales and marketing challenges by boosting user adoption and adding rocket fuel to data quality. 

As a Salesforce native app, PROLIFIQ ACE brings valuable content into Salesforce so your teams can engage prospects through the buyer’s journey. Just snap in and keep selling.

Digital Content Management that Aces the Customer Experience

PROLIFIQ ACE powers your Digital Content Management initiative with important capabilities, all native in Salesforce.

  • Content When and Where It’s Needed. ACE is a sales enablement app that brings sales content management into Salesforce so digital content is available on desktop and Salesforce1. Reps can find, show and share digital sales content with prospects and customers any time, anywhere, even offline. 
  • Sell Smarter with Content Recommendations. Take the guesswork out of what content will help move deals forward with recommended content so reps can stay focused on selling. Drive Salesforce adoption with digital content always at the ready.
  • Easy to Use and Compliant. Every content interaction is tracked so sales and marketing get the data they need to make smarter investments. Eliminate sales content headaches by having one place, in Salesforce, for all the content reps need to close more deals, faster. Create groups and sharing permissions to keep complaint guardrails around content usage. 

Digital Content Management Resources

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The Marketers Guide to Sales Enablement includes a blueprint for successful sales enablement and how to effectively implement it in your organization. In this guide, you’ll learn more about:

  • Building the case for sales enablement.
  • Identifying resources and technology.
  • Organizing and measuring content for success.
  • Encouraging best practices.

Essential Guide to Digital Account Management

Align sales and marketing by aligning content with buyer needs and increasing engagement, all within native Salesforce platform. In this guide you’ll learn:

  • Core app functionalities that increase productivity and wins.
  • Advantages of a native Salesforce design.
  • Business impact of a powerful content management strategy.