Fulfill customers’ information request in seconds with branded, compliant messages.

Provide approved, relevant content to customers via email by selecting appropriate discussion topics and content bundles. Salespeople cement their personal relationship with customers by being the best resource for timely, relevant information. Marketing engages customers beyond traditional marketing channels and ensures Sales sends only the most up-to-date and compliant content.

  • Send personalized communications to customers for: meeting requests, information requests fulfillment, event invitations, follow up and thank you notes, reprints and product announcements. Configure the message with simple, pre-populated content bundles using patented message management technology first introduced in 2005.
  • Include rich-media content: video, audio, images, documents.
  • Address the message from approved contacts list, including: Microsoft Exchange, CRM (customer relationship management) or customer master database.
  • Update and propagate new content in minutes, ensuring the latest content is always delivered.
  • Ensure appropriate branding, content mix, disclaimers and audience with every message.
  • Reach your customers’ inbox by keeping media-rich messages lightweight and optimized for recipients’ bandwidth with patented, Adaptive Media® technology.
  • Eliminate manual data entry with automatic write backs of message activity and metrics to CRM or other systems of record.

With SEND, you are Prolifiq in:

Immediately respond to customer promotional information requests, ensuring delivery of the most recent, approved content.

Increase content consumption and customer engagement, while reducing print and fulfillment costs.

Know only compliant content is sent to HCPs (healthcare professionals) and that company/governmental rules and regulations are embedded within communication workflows.

Medical Affairs
Immediately respond to scientific and educational information requests in a compliant message.