Inform and engage employees with a secure, internal newsreader.

Consume company news, industry and product information from mobile devices through an intuitive, secure and compliant newsreader. Contributors categorize and prioritize information so content is curated to specific audiences and always relevant.

  • Inform mobile employees through push delivery of targeted, segmented content pertinent to their roles.
  • Identify, find and consume all types of content to stay up-to-date of company and industry news.
  • Capture employee comments and sentiment to understand what information is valued.
  • Measure content consumption patterns across the workforce to understand content relevance, which allows for more efficient planning, and more accurate content budgets.
  • Increase readership of internal news from less than 10% to in excess of 60%.

With READ, you are Prolifiq in:

Provide salespeople up-to-the-minute internal information on their mobile device so they can interact with customers and represent their company and products at their best.

Notify field employees of campaign activity, competitive intelligence, product updates, event schedules and newly released promotional information on a consistent, timely basis. It’s all done in a measurable way that doesn’t clutter inboxes and eliminates print collateral.

Internal Communications
Increase employee engagement and readership by replacing internal portals and eliminating email clutter.