Understand employees’ digital activities and customer engagement

Using dynamic dashboards, managers use real-time, cumulative data to understand their employees’ digital activities and customers’ engagement. Managers view detailed sales activity metrics from SEND, INVITE and READ tiles by business, district, territory, geography or individual.

  • See aggregate or trending data for customer engagement such as: recipients sent messages, open rates, and click thru rates; number of invitations sent, who has accepted, declined or attended events.
  • Compare sales activity performance of districts, territories, geographies or individuals.
  • See aggregate or trending data for employee behavior such as: who has read, seen or clicked internal communications, what percentage have logged into their apps.
  • Save the reports used most frequently as “favorites” view.

With ANALYZE, you are Prolifiq in:


Know how your team is performing and interacting with customers. See which individuals are utilizing the apps and tools to better engage customers.