Not So Easy Button

Recently I was given the opportunity to attend a large life sciences event called “Eyeforpharma,” which was held in Barcelona this year. The event hosted over 900 attendees, including some of the most innovative thought-leaders in the industry, representing names such as Astellas, Lilly, Janssen, Pfizer and Bayer. The group that took me along for (continue reading)

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The 5 Stages of Grief for Lead Nurturing

Previously, I wrote about my excitement planning our marketing strategy. It was my high point. Then I hit my low point. I just came out of a working session and while it was productive, it was a frustrating process. The working session was with a consultant, Brendan, that Lisa and I have been working with (continue reading)

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What Would Yannick Do?

A few weeks ago I attended eyeforpharma’s conference in Barcelona. As Lisa wrote last week, we had the pleasure of hearing Yannick DiMondo speak, and his session really resonated with both of us. He painted an accurate picture of the typical pharma marketer who is focused on individual tactics and channels without an overarching strategy (continue reading)

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What Google Now Can Teach Enterprises About Big Data

Innovate (verb) “To make [improvements] in something established.” Today, data is stored in exponentially increasing amounts that, until recently, did not provide much value and was not required to stay competitive. An emerging trend known as “Big Data” is changing the landscape of worldwide markets by modernizing how we view and understand data’s underlying movements. (continue reading)

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A person who is apathetic lacks interest, enthusiasm or concern. A survey reveals many BYOD workers are using their personal devices to access work data, regardless of company policy. They don’t care that they violate policies. Are they apathetic or “appathetic” (those who don’t care about the use of their personal devices on corporate networks (continue reading)

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Liquid Content

I wrote earlier this week about liquid content and content as currency. After some research, I realize that ‘liquid content’ was invented by Coca Cola to describe their objectives of creating content that’s viral. A clever concept indeed. According to the blog: “The content we choose for content marketing isn’t just any content: it is (continue reading)

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Evolution or Revolution?

Everything evolves eventually (or dies). It’s a way of life (or death). Recent technology evolutions that have most impacted organizations are: digital and mobile. Things are getting ‘smart.’ Welcome to the smart revolution, where for the first time more things (devices, wearables, gadgets, etc.) will be connected to the Internet than people in existence. This (continue reading)

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Mobile Sales Enablement Q & A

Recently, Prolifiq partnered with Aberdeen Group on a webinar, Building Physician Engagement and Trust with Mobile Sales Enablement. Aberdeen Group’s Peter Ostrow shared mobile sales enablement best practices and research. Our own Jeff Gaus shared insights on mobile sales enablement in Life Sciences. If you missed it, check it out on demand.  Our Q & (continue reading)

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How Do You Measure Mobile Sales Enablement?

Marketers are tasked with measuring the performance of their marketing efforts…from the smallest campaign to the overall marketing budget. Calculating ROI (return on investment) used to be really difficult, but it’s gotten a lot easier with newer digital tools, software and technology. Last week I wrote about digital exhaust and using the data to measure (continue reading)

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Burn the Ships

 In February 1519, Hernando Cortez set sail on the final leg of a voyage that was to take him from Cuba, a stopover, to the shores of the Yucatan. He commanded 11 ships, with more than 500 soldiers, 100 sailors, and 16 horses, bound for Mexico to take the world’s richest treasure. But once out (continue reading)

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How Do You Measure ROI? Use Digital Exhaust

Periodically, Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires I take my cars in to determine if their exhaust complies with the state’s environmental air quality standards. They do this by analyzing the cars’ exhaust. Additionally, this test helps identify whether the engine is working properly. Mobile devices, like cars, generate log files and activity metrics (continue reading)

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Moving from Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement

Systems of record are authoritative data sources otherwise known as databases. You are likely very familiar with databases. Systems of engagement are applications people use to engage with people: messaging, collaboration, web conferencing, social networking and social media are examples. Moving away from systems of record Companies’ attention and budgetary priorities are moving from systems (continue reading)

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Systems of Record

A system of record is an information storage system that is the authoritative datasource (AKA: a database). Common examples include: ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer/contact relationship management), quality system, rep roster, territory alignment and customer master. We use databases as repositories to record the identity and attributes of the data. They allow us to (continue reading)

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The Most Important Elements of Effective Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobile and digital provide a unique opportunity to bridge the historical gap between marketing and sales. But many organizations still struggle to articulate a strategy of how to utilize these channels and justify the budget and resources to properly equip their reps with the mobile and digital resources they need engage their customers. We’ve partnered (continue reading)

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Forget work/life balance

Mobility has changed the relationship between our personal and work lives; they are now one and the same. The average worker today is global, mobile and always on. How many of you check email after you go home at night? Or spend hours working after the kids go to bed because you have deadlines. It’s (continue reading)

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Life Lessons: “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton”

There are many major corporations that require competitive team sports participation as a pre-requisite for employment. The belief is most of life’s lessons (winning, losing, fairness, unfairness, play execution, disruption, upsets, etc.) are experienced in competitive play; and, the experience will prepare you for the workplace. Last night, I witnessed this—my sons’ basketball team (ranked (continue reading)

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Changing of the guards: Microsoft appoints new CEO

Unless you have been unwired and out of touch, you’ve likely read the news: Microsoft appoints 22-year Microsoft veteran Satya Nadella as CEO, and Board Director, John Thomson will replace Bill Gates as Chairman. This is no surprise as the media has been abuzz with this news (investor sentiment testing) since last week. It is (continue reading)

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