5 Ways to Assess the Gaps in Closed-Loop Marketing for Pharma

Since 2011, pharma aggressively pursued closed-loop marketing (CLM) as their main promotional marketing activity. CLM technology enables reps to deliver compliant, scripted content to healthcare providers (HCPs) from tablets. Conceptually, closed-loop marketing for Pharma is supposed to collect data about each physician’s interaction giving brand marketers insight so they can refine their marketing strategy. A (continue reading)

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PharmaVoice Webinar Recap: Increase HCP Engagement with New Digital Sales Strategies

The Pharma sales model is changing and reps find they get less face-to-face interaction with customers. As a result, both marketers and reps need more digital tools in their arsenal to engage customers. Our own Jeff Gaus and Jon Brooks shared our perspective last week during a PharmaVoice webinar Increase HCP Engagement with New Digital (continue reading)

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5 Ways to Rethink Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

Marketing is undergoing a major digital transformation. When people have a problem they turn to Google to find their answers. There is so much ‘digital noise’ it’s very difficult for marketers to build brand awareness. As a result, it’s changed how people buy and how companies market their products. Unfortunately, pharma marketers are lagging behind (continue reading)

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2 Ways Mobile Sales Enablement Increases Life Science Sales Reps’ Productivity

Previously I wrote salespeople only spend 1/3 of their time selling because a majority of their time is spent on administrative, non-selling tasks. This data comes from Docurated’s infographic and it’s loaded with very revealing data and statistics (in the previous post) of how sales people spend their time. While it’s focused across industries, we (continue reading)

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5 Reasons Triggered Emails Improve Pharma Reps’ Engagement with HCPs

  Pharma marketers focus their multi-channel marketing on traditional marketing activities, or ‘non-personal promotional activities’.  Historically marketers ‘personal promotional activities’, or activities to support sales reps interaction with customers, fixated on digital visual aids, or digital detailing. Reps need digital tools to engage healthcare providers (HCPs), but detailing isn’t the only solution.  What if there (continue reading)

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Good Day: #CodeDayPortland

Beginning at 12:00 noon on Saturday, Prolifiq surrendered our headquarters offices to #CodeDay. In 26 cities around the United States, students came together to collaborate on software projects of their own choosing. We vacated our personal spaces to be available for the students to use. Roughly 65 students showed up, rolled up (their sleeves; to (continue reading)

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Digital Visual Aids Aren’t Your Only Digital Tool for Sales

In our experience working with Pharma marketers, we’ve realized many of them think “going digital” means creating a digital visual aid (digital detailing, eDetailing, interactive visual aid, etc.). In our opinion, “digital” is more than visual aids on iPads. I’m not the only one that’s noticed either, Uri Goren writes Pharma, iPads are not for (continue reading)

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JPMorgan Healthcare Conference Recap

Those who question or debate the viability of the healthcare industry were certainly not in attendance at the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco last week. In its 33rd year, this event draws the best healthcare companies and investors into an all-day/all-week confab focusing on healthcare, innovation and money. Serious money. There were ~6,000 invite-only (continue reading)

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Why you should add approved emails to your digital marketing

In my last post, I talked about rep-triggered emails being one of the latest tools in life sciences marketers tool kits. Historically, Life Sciences companies have preferred the human touch of “personal promotional activities” over “non-personal promotional activities” when engaging with health care providers (HCPs). But things are changing and it’s getting harder and harder (continue reading)

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The Original Rep-Triggered Email

At industry conferences over the last two years, there has been a lot of talk about multi-channel marketing. Historically, this has involved all forms of marketing that DO NOT INCLUDE the field-force, the reps. However, a little over a year ago, things changed. Several application vendors began promoting rep-triggered email – messages configured and released (continue reading)

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We do Windows: Prolifiq now available for Windows 8.1 devices

Prolifiq’s platform may now be accessed from Microsoft Surface devices and any device running Windows 8.1. This milestone supports our continued commitment to our customers to provide a flexible, enterprise-class mobile engagement platform. Windows 8.1 presents Life Sciences CIOs with many opportunities: it allows for massive budget and infrastructure savings by allowing field reps to (continue reading)

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The Most Powerful Word: Hope

Recently I had lunch with a close friend who had received a serious medical diagnosis that stopped him in his tracks. Once he was over the shock and the depressive state of “why me”, he shifted into research and information gathering mode. And after speaking with several specialists and receiving further test results, he has (continue reading)

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The Future of Digital Detailing

I’ve written numerous posts about how e-detailing/interactive visual aids/CLM systems (or digital detailing) are just “PowerPoint on steroids”. They may have been innovative five years ago, but a lot has changed since then. It’s time for digital detailing to evolve because there are better ways to ‘close the loop’. Easy Content Management Pharma marketers shouldn’t (continue reading)

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Building a Better Closed-Loop Marketing System

I’m happy to introduce the newest tile to our mobile engagement platform: SHOW. We’re really excited about the addition of digital detailing capabilities (otherwise known as interactive visual aid) to our platform. We’ve seen demand for closed-loop marketing systems (CLM) from the market and have been surprised at the rigidity of CLM technology and vendors. (continue reading)

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The Future of Digital and Multi-channel Marketing

As marketers, we use multiple channels to connect and communicate with our customers: tradeshows, speaking engagements/events, websites, email, advertising, social media, apps to name just a few. Most of us are responsible for creating content for some or all of these channels, depending on our job scope and size of our organization. Our content is (continue reading)

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How to Overcome Mobile Mediocrity in the Workplace

I spoke (twice) at the recent Digital Pharma East Conference and Exhibition in Philadelphia. One of my talks focused on engineering your business for “mobile moments.” So, what is a mobile moment? Forrester defines a mobile moment as: “A mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to (continue reading)

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Tipping Point: Mobile Rules

If you’ve been paying attention, you clearly understand the world has shifted and mobility is not a fad and it is more than a trend. In a recent report, the GMSA (global mobile phone association) states there are more mobile phones (as measured by SIM card connections) than people on the planet. This point was (continue reading)

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Closed Loop Marketing: Companies replacing home-grown mobile solutions

Arguably, medical devices companies helped the iPad enter the enterprise market – beginning in 2010, life sciences companies deployed iPads for salespeople to use “show and tell” applications. These applications typically allowed reps to showcase products, features and benefits, and in some cases allowed for interaction with the home office. They started out as interactive visual aid/detailing (continue reading)

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On Leadership: Lead and Learn

Over breakfast this morning, my son Dylan informed me he was meeting his “kindergarten-buddy” today. His school has a program that pairs a Senior with a Kindergarten student. The Senior is there to mentor, advise, teach and be a friend to the Kindergartner. The beauty of the program is the Senior gets at least as (continue reading)

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Accountability: How Do You Measure Marketing Impact?

Measurement is the science behind the art of marketing as it’s becoming critical for marketers to show marketing’s revenue impact.  76% of marketers believe measuring marketing is important, but only 29% believe they do it well. (Source, slide 24)   This means 71% measure poorly or – worse – aren’t measuring at all. Be honest, how (continue reading)

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Affordable healthcare: Walmart enters the fray

Today will go down in history as a major turning point in American healthcare: Walmart announced that it plans to be THE No. 1 Healthcare delivery provider. WHOA! This is big news; very big news. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Walmart has had a major impact on the American economy. (continue reading)

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