Closed-Loop Marketing: To close the loop, open up

Lately, we’ve noticed resurgent demand for closed loop marketing (CLM) applications; these are known as: e-detailing, interactive visual aid, etc. In lay person terms, it’s “powerpoint on steroids.” These are the apps field representatives use to show and tell about their product; the closed-loop moniker comes from the idea that interaction data will be tied (continue reading)

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Take the Leap: Falling Optional

This past Saturday, we held a team event at a local zip line / aerial obstacle course. Despite my fear of heights, I eagerly signed up. I love zip lines and figured how scary could the aerial course really be…? Uhmmm…scary. Very scary. Fortunately, I did not fall to my death, I completed 4 of (continue reading)

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Practice for Success

Many of my readers know I am involved with (committed to) the Young Entrepreneurs Business Week program – our mission:  to educate the next generation of business leaders. Now through August, we have 300+ high school students attending our 3 campuses learning the business intricacies in 3 collaborative sessions: Business Week, Investing Week, Entrepreneurs week. Last (continue reading)

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Close the Loop

The ‘holy grail’ for any marketer is to close the loop with sales. This means different things to marketers. For some, it means handing over ‘hot leads’ to the sales team and getting data on whether the lead ever closed into a sale. For other marketers, it means knowing how the content provided works for (continue reading)

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The Heat is On: Life Sciences M&A Activity at Record Pace

This week brought more M&A activity in Life Sciences: 1) Mylan acquiring Abbott non-US businesses for $5.3 B and 2) AbbVie acquiring Shire (Shire Board recommends accepting the $53 B offer). This on top of: 3) Medtonic’s acquisition of Covidien, 4) Bayer’s acquisition of Merck’s OTC business, 5) GSK’s three-part deal with Novartis, 6) last year’s Amgen’s acquisition of Onyx, 7) Astra (continue reading)

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7 Steps to Developing a Successful Mobility Strategy

Thanks to the iPad, Life Science companies jumped on mobile. In some ways they were the first to embrace enterprise mobile apps. But in other ways, they’re laggards, because they haven’t adopted a unified mobility strategy. Surprisingly, this is quite common. According to Yankee Group Research, more than a third of companies lack mobile strategy. (continue reading)

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2020 Vision

We “digital immigrants”, who entered the workforce in the 1980s, have had our paradigm shifted so many times, we don’t know if we have a paradigm any more or if there is anything left to shift (sorry for the 80’s management guru reference). And, we who expect to be in the workforce in 2020, or (continue reading)

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Building Trust with Sales Enablement

When I began my stint as a field marketer at a previous company, I was shocked by the state of affairs between the marketing and sales departments: major communication breakdowns, lack of accountability and resentment were rampant. Fortunately, the relationship between the two departments dramatically improved. Our marketing leadership launched several sales enablement initiatives to (continue reading)

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Make Your Big Data ‘Smart’

There’s been a lot of buzz the last few years how big data impacts marketing and business. But for all the buzz, few use cases exist. Why? My theory: so much data, so little time, so little insight. It’s not about how much data exists; it’s about how smartly you use it. Most companies struggle to (continue reading)

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Don’t Allow Marketing Technology to Become Shadow IT

There’s an explosion of marketing technology now available as this slideshare indicates. And it seems more emerge every day. All are designed to help marketers improve their efforts. Whether it’s for internal use (content management systems, sales enablement software software) or external use (marketing automation, closed loop marketing or mobile apps) – it’s a lot (continue reading)

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Mobile Sales Enablement: empower sales with content

In pharma, it seems mobile sales enablement is synonymous with tablet detailing. Personally, I don’t understand the correlation. Maybe it’s because I came from outside the industry. Is it because tablet detailing is the incumbent technology solution, the most familiar? Or is it a fear of putting content into the reps’ hands without proper compliance (continue reading)

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Embrace the Digital Marketing Transformation

Digital is transforming everything. Last week, Jeff wrote how the digital transformation was disrupting industries. Digital has transformed marketing, that’s for sure. My role as a marketer today is very different than early in my career. The landscape has changed dramatically, as have the skillsets and tools needed to support my marketing efforts. Digital has disrupted (continue reading)

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Deconstructing an App

When you deconstruct something it gives perspective into what components of the item are really important. It also makes them stand on their own, making them stronger. We’re experiencing an “appalanche” of apps both in consumer and enterprise markets resulting in way too many apps. So let’s deconstruct an app and take a look at (continue reading)

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When it comes to mobility, don’t do it yourself

Who doesn’t love watching HGTV to learn how to renovate home projects yourself? ‘Do it yourself’ or DIY projects have skyrocketed! Just because you can renovate doesn’t mean you should. Case in point, when dealing with electrical wiring it’s better to call in an electrician as one wrong move can lead to disaster. The same (continue reading)

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Mobile EQ: do your apps have personality?

When one is super smart, it is claimed they have a high IQ. When one has the ability to socially interact with and adapt to others, it is claimed they have a high EQ. Some people are fortunate enough to have both; but, often those who have above average IQs have lower than average EQs. (continue reading)

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On Being Digital: The Digital Transformation

In 1995, Nicholas Negroponte released “Being Digital.” This epic tome predicted much of the disruption we have seen in the last ten years in terms of industry disruption by “bits”. I’ve written about this book in the past; I refer back to it periodically to remind me of the power of disruption. In the past (continue reading)

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Calculating Total Cost of Ownership for Mobility

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a financial estimate to help determine direct and indirect costs of a product or system. Often times, mobile application deployments either ignore TCO or underestimate it. This can easily lead to flawed “build vs. buy vs. rent” decisions. Identifying and understanding the elements of TCO are critical to an (continue reading)

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The Mobile-Only Employee

Meet M.O.E. the mobile-only employee. A new demographic’s emerged, one who only accesses the internet from a mobile device, the mobile-only user. As we’ve seen with BYOD and the ‘consumerization’ of IT, consumer trends have impacted the enterprise. I’m not suggesting everyone in the corporate world will stop using PCs, but this article clearly indicates (continue reading)

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Are Your Apps Touchy-Feely?

Companies are in the throes of designing and building apps. Requirements are defined for how the app will work and how it will look and feel. Defining functional requirements ensures users get utility and usability from the app. People use apps that work and do what they want. When defining requirements, do you consider how (continue reading)

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Purpose Defines Us

I cook; I love to cook. In my kitchen, I have a ton of tools I use. Each tool has one purpose. When I make spaghetti, I brown my meat in a frying pan then transfer it to the sauce simmering in a stock pot. Some might use the same pot to brown the meat (continue reading)

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Encounters of ‘the Third Platform’

Implementing new technology to some may feel like an alien encounter. While it can be uncomfortable during the transition, the results can be extremely rewarding. The newest technology integration, termed by IDC, is ‘the third platform’ which integrates mobile devices, apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics and social technologies. One thing not (continue reading)

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Mobile Malaise

Every company develops apps, lots of them. Some are for internal use, some are for external use. People are on a frenzy to create apps…but they don’t stop to think ‘why am I creating this, what do I want someone to do with it’. They create apps because someone on their management team mandated that (continue reading)

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Collapsing Enterprise Devices: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

In previous posts I’ve commented on Microsoft’s delayed entry into the “tablet wars” and how they were beginning to gain momentum, especially in the enterprise. With last week’s announcement of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has not only addressed many of the perceived “deficiencies” of its previous tablet efforts, they have delivered a powerhouse of (continue reading)

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