How to Overcome Mobile Mediocrity in the Workplace

I spoke (twice) at the recent Digital Pharma East Conference and Exhibition in Philadelphia. One of my talks focused on engineering your business for “mobile moments.” So, what is a mobile moment? Forrester defines a mobile moment as: “A mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to (continue reading)

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Tipping Point: Mobile Rules

If you’ve been paying attention, you clearly understand the world has shifted and mobility is not a fad and it is more than a trend. In a recent report, the GMSA (global mobile phone association) states there are more mobile phones (as measured by SIM card connections) than people on the planet. This point was (continue reading)

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Closed Loop Marketing: Companies replacing home-grown mobile solutions

Arguably, medical devices companies helped the iPad enter the enterprise market – beginning in 2010, life sciences companies deployed iPads for salespeople to use “show and tell” applications. These applications typically allowed reps to showcase products, features and benefits, and in some cases allowed for interaction with the home office. They started out as interactive visual aid/detailing (continue reading)

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On Leadership: Lead and Learn

Over breakfast this morning, my son Dylan informed me he was meeting his “kindergarten-buddy” today. His school has a program that pairs a Senior with a Kindergarten student. The Senior is there to mentor, advise, teach and be a friend to the Kindergartner. The beauty of the program is the Senior gets at least as (continue reading)

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Accountability: How Do You Measure Marketing Impact?

Measurement is the science behind the art of marketing as it’s becoming critical for marketers to show marketing’s revenue impact.  76% of marketers believe measuring marketing is important, but only 29% believe they do it well. (Source, slide 24)   This means 71% measure poorly or – worse – aren’t measuring at all. Be honest, how (continue reading)

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Affordable healthcare: Walmart enters the fray

Today will go down in history as a major turning point in American healthcare: Walmart announced that it plans to be THE No. 1 Healthcare delivery provider. WHOA! This is big news; very big news. Love them or hate them, there is no denying that Walmart has had a major impact on the American economy. (continue reading)

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My 3 takeaways from #INBOUND14

Last week, I attended my first INBOUND conference in Boston. Hosted by HubSpot, the founder of the inbound marketing methodology, 10,000 marketers came to learn, share and grow. The quality of the content was impressive (note I’ve never been to a TEDx event) as was the lineup of keynotes: Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, David Meerman (continue reading)

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The Mobile Mind Shift: Your Moments are Now Mobile

This post is the first in our Mobile Mind Shift series. Picture this: you’ve been invited to the long-awaited wedding of two dear friends.  Amidst a beautiful natural setting, lovely design touches, and many happy tears, your friends stand up and proclaim their love and commitment.  From entrance to vows to kiss, it’s a series (continue reading)

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Why You Should Retire Your Sales Portal

The sales portal. It’s one of the oldest digital tools for talking to and supporting the sales force; and, its used to distribute sales content. As content became digital, the sales portal was the source for storing and distributing promotional content to the field. For employees using PCs to access the portal(s), it was useful. It had (continue reading)

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Living in the Moment

There’s a Zen-like state known as “being in the moment” and it refers to us being mindful (attentive to) and appreciative of those around us and what is happening. As part of Prolifiq’s perpetual efforts at self-improvement, we recently distributed to everyone “The Mobile Mind Shift: Engineer Your Business to Win in the Mobile Moment” by (continue reading)

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Labor Day Weekend: Let’s Get to Work

I just returned from delivering my eldest son to college, and while this is a very normal and emotional milestone for a family, it made me reflect on the bounty of this country and the “rhythm” of our calendar. We drove through miles and miles of farmland (corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat, hay, etc.) I have (continue reading)

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Define Your Mobile Moments

Marketers are story tellers. We tell stories about our company, brand or product to our target audience. We tell our story with content. Technology has changed the channels we use to tell stories. But regardless of the channel, the experience should be optimized for the audience.  For instance, you wouldn’t approach a print ad and (continue reading)

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How to be Prolifiq

With summer upon us, I thought back to a couple summers ago when I first started at Prolifiq Software as a student intern. Time flies when you’re having fun as I realized I’ve actually been here for three years. This made me think about what I have done to succeed these past three years and what I can continue (continue reading)

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Closed-Loop Marketing: To close the loop, open up

Lately, we’ve noticed resurgent demand for closed loop marketing (CLM) applications; these are known as: e-detailing, interactive visual aid, etc. In lay person terms, it’s “powerpoint on steroids.” These are the apps field representatives use to show and tell about their product; the closed-loop moniker comes from the idea that interaction data will be tied (continue reading)

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Take the Leap: Falling Optional

This past Saturday, we held a team event at a local zip line / aerial obstacle course. Despite my fear of heights, I eagerly signed up. I love zip lines and figured how scary could the aerial course really be…? Uhmmm…scary. Very scary. Fortunately, I did not fall to my death, I completed 4 of (continue reading)

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Practice for Success

Many of my readers know I am involved with (committed to) the Young Entrepreneurs Business Week program – our mission:  to educate the next generation of business leaders. Now through August, we have 300+ high school students attending our 3 campuses learning the business intricacies in 3 collaborative sessions: Business Week, Investing Week, Entrepreneurs week. Last (continue reading)

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Close the Loop

The ‘holy grail’ for any marketer is to close the loop with sales. This means different things to marketers. For some, it means handing over ‘hot leads’ to the sales team and getting data on whether the lead ever closed into a sale. For other marketers, it means knowing how the content provided works for (continue reading)

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The Heat is On: Life Sciences M&A Activity at Record Pace

This week brought more M&A activity in Life Sciences: 1) Mylan acquiring Abbott non-US businesses for $5.3 B and 2) AbbVie acquiring Shire (Shire Board recommends accepting the $53 B offer). This on top of: 3) Medtonic’s acquisition of Covidien, 4) Bayer’s acquisition of Merck’s OTC business, 5) GSK’s three-part deal with Novartis, 6) last year’s Amgen’s acquisition of Onyx, 7) Astra (continue reading)

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